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Claudia in teen porn

Claudia in teen porn

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Related article: Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 14:33:26 -0500 From: Jase Jason Subject: Christian's Induction - Part TwelveChristian's InductionPart Twelve In Randy's absence I saw teen golf porn Mark almost daily until the day arrived when we were due to return to school. In the meanwhile he and I had made Jerry's old "apartment" habitable again and he figured out how he would like his stuff to be located. I must teen nude girls say I was quite envious of his good fortune. Between the two of us we were able to move everything downstairs, his bed being the only stumbling block, and we soon had all his electronic gear hooked up. The bathroom was a bit of a mess but it took me no more than an hour to get that cleaned up.I was now a junior in high school and Matt and my younger bro were both sophs. I was kinda relieved that Mark and Matt were in different classes. Randy, as I mentioned earlier, attended a different but not-too-distant high school, so we saw less of him due to sport commitments and other extra-curricular activities. Mark too had sports practice (he had signed up for swimming too) and it became the norm that I would see him once, maybe twice, a week. It was then that I would spend an hour or so cleaning up the apartment.I had been promised by the folks that for my birthday they would pass down to me my mother's old car, and I mean old, as they intended to buy her a new runabout. It was great news of course even though I was told that I would have to cart Matt around so as to avoid my mother having to do so.I should tell you a little about Matt. He was really a hot number, not yet fully filled out, about 5'6", 125lbs, short brown hair and eyes, sexy teens nude with a smooth slim hard-looking body. He was kind of a smaller version of myself, but hotter. Needless to say he was popular with the girls and he was well aware of his attractive looks and not above using them to his advantage. He had this scrawny little girlfriend and what he saw in her I'll never know. He moved in a close circle of buddies; him and three others all about the same age. I referred to them as the "gang of four". His closest buddy was named Larry, who was "cute" I guess you could say, and the four of them spent a lot of time at our house. The other two were named Doug and Will. Matt and I had adjacent bedrooms with a bathroom in between and I was able to hear them in his room horsing around provided they could be heard above the sound of the crap music he liked.Matt was always trying to put one over me and I figured he resented the fact that he was not the big shot big bro. Then came a moment that changed the dynamics of the situation. After dinner one night he came into my room and said he wanted to have a chat with me. That was unusual in itself. So I said the claudia in teen porn usual "What's up?" and free teen lesbo porn he replied "Quite a lot it would seem."He said "Larry told me today that the word is that you are sucking off one of the guys in our grade. Perhaps you 16yo teen porn star would like to tell me if it's true."Well, you can imagine the shock of that revelation. I had always known that there was a risk of it becoming known because high school guys do talk but one never quite believes it will come to pass. When I didn't answer him immediately, Matt drew his own conclusions."Jesus, man, I just can't believe it!" He was going red in the face and I could see this was going to be a very unpleasant confrontation. "My own fucking brother sucking dick! What are you dude, some kind of fag or what? If this becomes common knowledge, and it will believe me, coz Larry has a big mouth, it's gonna reflect badly on me! You fucking stupid asshole!""Listen dude" I replied trying to calm him down, "I'm sure that it isn't common knowledge. And yes, if you must know, I am gay.""GAY!!" xxx bunny teen he thundered, "you mean QUEER dude! Lemme guess, it's that fucking Mark Nesbit aint it? I knew something was going on between you two!"Trying to stay calm I said "Listen Matt, I'm really sorry you had to hear about this teen virgin sex but if you are able to shut Larry up, I'm sure the word won't spread. And you have a lot of influence with Larry who values your friendship. And, by the way, if my gaydar is working correctly, I wouldn't be surprised to hear he has the hots for you.""Gaydar my ass! What the fuck is that? Some new way of sucking dick?" I had to laugh which made him even madder. "Listen, Chris" he continued "you haven't heard the last of this by a long shot. I'm very tempted to rat you out to the rents and you can take your chances with them. I'm not having my rep fucked up by you! I want you in my room tomorrow night at 8pm and I'll tell you then claudia in teen porn what's gonna do down." With that he walked out slamming the door behind himThis had taken a nastier turn than I had imagined. Matt was enraged and the fact that he had always treated me with some condescension, made me fear that he just might rat me out to the rents thereby gaining some advantage for himself. Knowing the way my father thought, I figured he wouldn't be above putting my ass in the street.Matt porn teen casting couch ignored me completely the following day and when he left the dinner table, he just turned to me and said "I'll see you later" and walked out.At 8pm I went through to Matt's room and sat down on the chair at his computer. He turned to me and said "Here's teen labies porn the way I see it bro. It's obvious you are into sucking cock, so that being the case, I'll let the matter drop provided I get in on the action."I couldn't believe my ears and said "Are you telling me you want me to start giving you head?"He replied "That is exactly what I'm telling you. Either you agree or I intend to tell the rents what's going on between you and Mark. It's your choice. I wanna know by tomorrow night same time."I realized that this was out and out blackmail and it just confirmed what I had always thought, that in the right circumstances, straight boys were fair game when it came to their getting sucked off.I thought it over and although I wasn't averse to giving Matt head, I knew it would come with a price attached. I spent a restless night. To be continued...Comment, positive or negative, welcome at
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